11.13.22 — Helena Financial Weekly Report #4

Hello Helenians! Welcome to another one of our weekly updates, where we will be mentioning what happened in the last week.

This Week’s Recap & Reminders

The current price of Helena is at $0.15 while the mCap is around $678K and the Liquidity was at $505.18K at the time of writing this article. There is a major downtrend across the crypto horizon, caused by the current ongoing FTX crisis. Our most sincere sympathies to people who suffered from this crisis and we genuinely believe that nothing is more important than your well-being.

WINGS price is at $2.22

2.5M+ (38.94%) tokens have been burned by Helena’s various burning mechanisms and Circulating Supply is at 4M+ (61.06%)

WINGS Rush Is Rushing to Victory!

Since the initial launch of WINGS Rush, which is a week ago, our community managed to fill the next feature bar by 36% by minting Nemesis Network Loyalty Points (NMSLP) tokens. It’s inspiring to witness Rush receiving this much attention. Also, there will be a throughout announcement explaining Loyalty Points and their utility in due time & we’ll try our best to leave no questions unanswered.

A Brand New Series: How-to Tutorials!

We decided to make educational videos that explain everyone from the most basic features of Helena to the new utilities. Here we present and celebrate the How-to series with you! The #1 and #2 episodes are already out, showing you how to buy & wrap, and use the fundamental mechanics of WINGS Multiplier and Rush!

Don’t miss them; we’ll keep making these tutorials as we release new features.

WINGS Rush Release Contests & Competitions: Golden Token and Loyal Whales Competition

We’ve held the Golden Token Contest, where everyone from big to modest investors could participate in anticipation of WINGS Rush’s release. Where you have the opportunity to earn a prize only by possessing an NMSLP token.

Loyal Whales Competition allowed our big-time investors and those with a competitive mindset to earn up to 1500$. Ultimately, we handed out 3000$ worth of WINGS to our competitors to celebrate the release of WINGS Rush!

Congratulations to all who won the contests and good luck to everyone for the next contests or any upcoming events. Cheers and until next time!

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The info & data provided here may be outdated as this article consists of summaries of the week’s articles.



With it’s new Gamefied features, #HelenaFinancialV2 offers more rewards in #DeFi space. KYC by AssureDeFi. Audit by CertiK

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Helena Financial

With it’s new Gamefied features, #HelenaFinancialV2 offers more rewards in #DeFi space. KYC by AssureDeFi. Audit by CertiK