11.27.22 — Helena Financial Weekly Report #6

Hello Helenians! Welcome to another one of our weekly updates, where we will be mentioning what happened in the last week.

This Week’s Recap & Reminders

  • WINGS Rush Milestone reached 59%.
  • WINGS Multiplier’s power has reached 100%.
  • An article including a Q&A with Social Media has been published.
    In celebration of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, many events have been initiated.
  • The current price of Helena is at $0.17 while the mCap is around $834K and the Liquidity was at $589.09K at the time of writing this article.
  • WINGS price is at $2.74
  • 4th episode of Dev Diaries has been published.

2.5M+ (39.18%) tokens have been burned by Helena’s various burning mechanisms and Circulating Supply is at 4M+ (60.82%)

Black Friday Contests are Now Live!

We are currently holding several contests to celebrate these joyful days with you. Lots of rewards to be earned, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on these opportunities, although some of them end a few hours after the general release date of our Weekly. Although, there will still be some contests to participate in.

Buy Tax Reimbursement

An event where buy tax is reimbursed in Helena Tokens purchases equal to or bigger than 0.1 BNB due to the grace of Black Friday.

For example, if you bought 100 Helena tokens, you would have received 87 after paying the purchase tax. You would then be reimbursed 13 Helena tokens within the three days that followed the event’s conclusion.

Start date: 11/25/22, 00:00 UTC

End date: 11/27/22, 23:59 UTC

NMSLP Minting Race

When you participate in the WINGS Rush, you will have the opportunity to earn WINGS tokens and guaranteed NMSLP (Nemesis Network Loyalty Point) Tokens whether you win or lose. Earning these NMSLP Tokens allows you to move up the ranks of NMSLP Minting Race. At the end of the weekend, we will award the following prizes to the top five participants who minted the most NMSLP Tokens over the competition period below.

First Place: $500 in WINGS tokens

Second Place: $300 in WINGS tokens

Third Place: $200 in WINGS tokens

Fourth and Fifth Place: $150 in WINGS tokens for both

Start date: 11/25/22, 00:00 UTC

End date: 11/27/22, 23:59 UTC

BF Quizzes

Price doubled, adrenaline doubled. Study our protocol carefully to maximize your chances of winning the quiz and earning rewards. Don’t forget that if you answer the question correctly as fast as possible in the given time, you’ll get more points.

Those who kept in close touch managed to win the double prize event, we congratulate the victors.

Treasure Hunt

Put your goggles and trenchcoat on, there are keys to hunt. We’ve hidden several keys in our various platforms such as Twitter, Medium, and official links. They could be anywhere and waiting to be found. For more details, please visit our Discord channel. The First 10 to find all of the codes will get $50 in Wings tokens each.

Start date: 11/26/22

End date: 11/27/22, 23:59 UTC or when the first 10 finds and DMs Harou the correct codes & platforms matching.

Appreciating our Social Media Team

Our Social Media team is with us for a long time, and we owe them a lot for creating awareness and exposure for the Nemesis Network. We’ve prepared an article for you to get to know them better and have some important questions answered. You can read it from here.

Dev Diaries Continue

4th episode of Dev Diaries is out, reading it will inform you about what our Dev team was doing the past two weeks and their plans for the ecosystem. Our newest episode will provide you with some information regarding the upcoming Loyalty Points Staking system and more. You can read it from here.

That’s all for now, we wish you all happy Thanksgiving and good luck with Black Friday. Stay safe and don’t forget to participate in our contests. If you have any questions, you can reach us from our contact links below.

Reach us:

Social Links

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ht2N3vrdv9

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HelenaFinancial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/helenafinancial

Medium: https://helenafinancial.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/helenafinancial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helenafinancial

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@helenafinancial

Media Contacts

Company: Helena Financial

Contact: https://helenafin.com/support

Marketing: https://helenafin.com/marketing

E-mail: support@helena.financial

Website: https://helena.financial/


The info & data provided here may be outdated as this article consists of summaries of the week’s articles



With it’s new Gamefied features, #HelenaFinancialV2 offers more rewards in #DeFi space. KYC by AssureDeFi. Audit by CertiK

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Helena Financial

With it’s new Gamefied features, #HelenaFinancialV2 offers more rewards in #DeFi space. KYC by AssureDeFi. Audit by CertiK