10.13.22 — Helena Marketing Update #1

Hello everyone. I wanted to explain my thoughts and what we are doing from a marketing perspective.

As we stated earlier, the downtrend in the market had a very big negative effect on the price of almost every token/project. As we could do nothing about the general state of the market, we focused on what we can actually do something about. That is why we gathered all the ideas, new trends & systems and developed them into a well-thought, self-sustaining, beautiful ecosystem. Then we manifested this with our new website, a new application, and new features/games by making them more explaining, more inviting, and more user-friendly. Our initial aim is to increase the daily transactions which will enable all the gears of the system to turn smoothly by generating more burn fuel with each transaction. It started with Wings Multiplier, and will continue with the next features/games each adding another gear to the system. When in full potential, these games/features will create sufficient daily transactions which will allow our system to be truly deflationary and realize the “BURN > YIELDS” mentality. We have just started this new era and a very nice period of time is awaiting us.

We think about the future period in 2 stages:

1- Preparations for the Full Potential (releasing all features/games one by one) + Content material improvements + Soft marketing (which has just started with the release) until the full potential is reached. (4–6 weeks)

2- When the full potential is reached, we will start a massive marketing push as we did previously which can be seen in our recap videos. Also, treasury buybacks will start in this period. (6–8 weeks)

So we are looking at a very active 10–14 weeks period where we will increase our marketing activities gradually. So far, with the soft marketing, we have already made some ambassadorship deals with Youtube/Twitter influencers, videos and tweets have started to come in which will increase progressively within the given timeline. First Press Release will be published in various media outlets within one week. Banner networks are activated with relatively low budgets (for now) and our banners will start to show up in premium sites like BSCScan, Dextools, Poocoin, and also the smaller sites in order to enhance brand awareness. Analytics and other user behavior tracking systems are completed and we are still making a few tweaks. Data started to flow in, which we may share/discuss in further updates. AMAs (also voice AMAs) are planned. Even some guerilla marketing techniques are initiated slowly. Contests & mini-quizzes are already planned so you better check our channels and socials frequently.

Forum pages/threads on Reddit, BitcoinTalk, and Altcoinstalks are updated and started to be very active and will continue to be so. Likewise, our Medium page has also started to be active and soon you will see articles regarding Dev Diaries, Weekly Updates, and Marketing Updates there. Also, we are now working on how-to guides and videos for each feature/game which will start to be published one by one soon. We are focusing more on improving content marketing in this soft marketing phase. So we will have all the content, articles, and guides ready that we need to show and convince the investors into investing in our project when the big marketing push begins. Do not forget that this will be a big push that will progressively increase from the soft marketing phase to its full potential and be sustained at the top level as long as possible.

Announced features/games are not the final ones. We will continue to develop and add the most anticipated games/features into our ecosystem. We trust our products, all of them are self-proven and successful which almost everyone wants to play/join. All of them have very rewarding opportunities which will be collected by the ones who participate. “Loyalty Point” system will be the foundation of the ecosystem, maybe the most rewarding of all features which will enable players to share the profit of the whole ecosystem. So the earlier you start to collect loyalty points the more rewards you will be able to collect. That is why I suggest everyone act as soon as possible. 😉

Whatever happens, you know that we can’t affect the global general market state. But we are doing everything we are capable of to affect our systems & community positively. We are sure each penny spent on marketing will now bring more investors to our project than before. I and my devoted team are being active on our Discord & Telegram channels as much as we can, sharing all updates with the whole community and this will always continue.

Thank you for witnessing the new era of Nemesis Network. All products are being updated at the moment together with Helena V2. Many thanks for being with us and supporting us the whole way, I can’t express my feelings towards our big family enough. We are strong, we are Nemesis Network, Helenians, and Angels. 💪

LFG 🎉🥳 😊 🙏♥



With it’s new Gamefied features, #HelenaFinancialV2 offers more rewards in #DeFi space. KYC by AssureDeFi. Audit by CertiK

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Helena Financial

With it’s new Gamefied features, #HelenaFinancialV2 offers more rewards in #DeFi space. KYC by AssureDeFi. Audit by CertiK